Before the internet, marketing could be a pretty low-tech occupation. But the rise of the web, mobile, and other emerging technologies has made digital experiences central to the customer/brand relationship, giving brands powerful new ways to understand, reach, and engage with their customers.

These days, being an effective marketer means understanding and leveraging technology.

Using a marketing tech stack can make your marketing smarter, more efficient, and support stronger long-term results—but only if you build and maintain your stack thoughtfully. A marketing technology stack is a collection of different kinds of software used to execute a given brand’s marketing strategy. In essence, a stack is a concept, a way of thinking about the full array of technologies that impact each customer’s user journey and help form their digital experience of your brand.

Back in the days I used to work with applications such as Pardot, Sitecore and Dreamweaver to name a few. Todays applications are more integrated and I am currently working with Hubspot, Marketo and the Adobe Creative Suite in order to make compelling landing pages, create beautiful visuals and memorable dynamic content. Salesforce is the bridge that allows creating and managing marketing relationships and campaigns with customers. In order to manage all marketing assets I am using Asana or Trello to keep track of everything I do. Hootsuite is a great tool to create and promote all your social media efforts to the max.

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